Who I Am

I am a creative thinker always looking for unique solutions for ordinary problems. Not one for the plain, safe, or expected, I constantly adjust, tweak, experiment, and learn.

How I work:

Once an idea is spawned, I'll roll it around in my mind, mulling over the details, challenges, and possible approaches. Through this process, the project becomes more refined, practical, and plausible. When there is little more planning to be done, I move into action, acquiring needed materials, time, and space. Then I attack it full on, tirelessly working on it until the job is complete.

Why I Work:

I learned long ago that I feel most at home, most happy, and most content when I am creating something. I strongly feel that a project is much greater than the sum of its parts and bringing those parts together in the most powerful way is incredibly exciting to me.

What I Make:

My approach is not medium-oriented, but rather results-oriented, meaning I am constantly learning new tools, materials, and ways to use them. As a result, the work I produce consists of everything from pencil & paper to welded steel; carved wood to thousands of lines of computer code; from tiny brush strokes to heat-bent plastics.

What I Design

  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video:
    bicymple video production bicymple video production bicymple video production
  • Signage:


  • Digital
  • Photography
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Video


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Metalworking/Welding
  • Woodworking
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript

What People are Saying:

  • "Designer Josh Bechtel's "Bicymple" is a minimalist's dream machine..." - Huffington Post
  • "...a new bike concept takes a radical departure from the norm..." - Discovery.com
  • "...wouldn't it be much more satisfying and efficient to eat meals like steak off of a plate that includes a cutting board? - Goedeker's Home Life

Art I Create

  • 2D Color:
  • 2D Black & White:


  • Paint (oil/acrylic)
  • Crayon
  • Clay/Plaster
  • Metal
  • Fabric


  • Hand Illustration
  • Color Rendering
  • Portraiture
  • Painting

What People are Saying:

  • "One of the most naturally talented artists I've ever worked with. "
  • "This [artwork] is so amazing! "
  • "Beautiful! "
  • "Wow. Simply wow."

Code I write

  • Games:
  • Interactive Art:
  • Interactive Product Demos:
  • Websites:

Programming Languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Actionscript (Flash)
  • Javascript
  • JQuery

Quicklinks to Sites:

Hire Josh

Josh is available for commision/contract work

  • Fine Art
  • Design
  • Product Development
  • Web Design
  • Technical Writing

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